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Tabouli – Gluten Free, Vegan

To read about the health benefits of parsley read the blogs entitled “Parsley Helps Anxiety”  and “Heavy Metals in Fish” then enjoy this delicious dish! Tabouli (gluten free, vegan) This Lebonese dish is great as a side salad to any summer cuisine. Also goes great with hummus for a snack or...
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Parsley Helps Anxiety

In our high stress society, many of us are troubled by anxiety.  It can be experienced as a feeling of increased stress on the body or mind, racing thoughts, fear, or anxiety attacks which, for many, feels like a racing heart and feeling of impending doom.  While a lot of...
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Sun Rays or Sun Block? Reducing Skin Cancer Risk

With summer right around the corner, sun protection is on everyone’s mind.   We all are aware that too much sun exposure can lead to increased risk of skin cancer, but we are becoming more aware of the risks of sunscreen use. So how do you choose? One way that Ultraviolet...
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