Parsley Helps Anxiety

In our high stress society, many of us are troubled by anxiety.  It can be experienced as a feeling of increased stress on the body or mind, racing thoughts, fear, or anxiety attacks which, for many, feels like a racing heart and feeling of impending doom.  While a lot of these symptoms are very concerning, there are some things that can help.  One of these things is eating parsley.

Parsley contains very high amounts of a compound called apigenin. This compound has been found to reduce anxiety by increasing the activity of monoamine transporters. These transporters reduce the amount of stimulatory neurotransmitters activating the nervous system at any given time. We experience the overstimulation of the nervous system as anxiety, so when the stimulation is lessened, we feel relaxed.

It is also high in fiber which supports your digestive system. Since almost all of your neurotransmitters are produced in your digestive system in addition to your brain, this will further help to balance your mood. The other thing that parsley has going for it is that it has a high mineral content. Minerals are needed to both produce amino acid precursors to calming neurotransmitters and to transmit nerve signals in the brain to keep your mood more stable.

Parsley can be added to soups, salads, vegetable juices, and Italian dishes.

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