Services Offered

Dr. Kelley treats women, men, and children of all ages.

Wellness visits– Dr. Kelley will analyze your family history, medical history, and health goals to guide your care. This will include relevant physical exam, dietary and lifestyle counseling, and creating a treatment plan specific to your history and goals. She will also order any necessary tests and educate you about your condition.



Botanical Medicine- Dr. Kelley will combine different herbs to match your individual needs. Herbs can be used to support different organs or body systems, balance hormones, improve energy, improve sleep, calm nerves, and fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

Homeopathy – Dr. Kelley uses your symptoms in combination with your personality to choose the homeopathic remedy that most closely matches you as a whole person. Homeopathy works by curing the same symptoms it would cause in high doses.   When you are paired with the most fitting remedy, your body is strengthened to fight off disease, whether that disease is in the mental, emotional, or physical plane.

Nutritional Supplementation – When there is a nutrient missing from your diet, you can experience many different types of symptoms. Also, high doses of certain nutrients can be used to treat certain conditions.

Nutrition- You are what you eat! Dr. Kelley will guide you in eating a healthy diet that helps you to reach your health goals.

Exercise- We will tailor an exercise plan to fit you that is safe, fun, and helps you meet your health goals.

Water- Being well hydrated can boost your energy up to 25% in addition to making sure that every cell in your body is able to function optimally.

Physical Medicine

Craniosacral therapy- The bones in your skull move to circulate cerebrospinal fluid throughout your central nervous system. When these bones become restricted it causes inadequate circulation to that part of your brain. Whatever part of your body is controlled by that part of your brain will become dysfunctional due to this blockage in nerve signaling. Craniosacral therapy uses gentle touch to restore motion to the bones in your skull and restore healthy signaling to all parts of the body thus relieving dysfunction. It is primarily used to treat headaches, both acute and chronic pain, neuropathy, anxiety, depression, and insomnia though can be applied in a wide variety of other conditions. Most people feel relaxation during treatment and a decrease in the intensity of their initial complaint in the days following treatment.

Dural Release – The “Dura” is the connective tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord. When the dura becomes restricted either by injury, posture, or chronic use injuries, it compresses the nerves that pass through it. This causes pain or dysfunction in the organ or muscle that the nerve services. Dural release uses pressure and stretching from a specific point on the head to release these restrictions and restore proper function. Since it works with the central nervous system, its effects can be seen in every area of the body. Most commonly it is used to treat chronic pain but is also helpful in any area where the nerve signal is being disturbed. People report feeling a deep stretching feeling during treatment and a decrease in pain level following treatment.

Visceral Manipulation-
All of your organs are in constant motion and should be able to slide past each other easily. When they don’t either because of scar tissue from surgery, injury, or nerve impingement, you experience dysfunction in that organ. Visceral Manipulation uses gentle directed touch to restore motion to your organs so they may receive adequate circulation and function optimally. Visceral manipulation relieves digestive complaints and any pain associated with scar tissue formation around organs. Most people feel relaxed by treatment while it is taking place and an improvement in digestion afterwards.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy- This treatment utilizes hot and cold water to stimulate your digestive tract as well as your immune system. People often feel an increase in energy and improvement in sleep following treatment. Constitutional hydrotherapy is used most often with people who are in treatment for cancer and those who have severe chronic illness.