About Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes, N.D.

kelley greenI have had a passion for medicine from the age of 4, when I ran my own stuffed animal hospital in my parent’s living room in Colorado. My high level of intrigue in the human body developed into a great respect and deep understanding of the body’s intricate processes and its ability to heal itself. I attended Bastyr University where I cultivated my passion and developed it into skillful use of healing techniques to support and encourage optimal health. I then practiced and refined my skills at Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic, a prestigious clinic in Seattle. From there, my path lead me to Windsor where I gave birth to my precious baby girl, Sophia Isabella.

Through my own health struggles and those of my family, I have been frustrated with the limitations of allopathic (MD) medicine. Naturopathic Medicine has had a huge positive impact on my own health and I am so blessed to be able to offer this medicine to my family, friends, and patients alike. Some people come to me after they have seen many other doctors and have exhausted other treatments. I am grateful to have options available to help in these cases.

I treat every person as the unique individual that they are. I will work with you to interpret the signals your body is giving us. Then we will piece these messages together to solve your health mystery. My toolbox of treatments is vast, allowing me to tailor treatments to meet each person’s condition, whether that be as gentle as nutrition suggestions or as invasive as IV therapies.  I will always choose the least invasive therapy possible to meet your healthcare goals.

I look forward to serving Sonoma county, and bringing health to our community!